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Elaina Deojay- 1st team and Sportsmanship

Olivia Bessette- Honorable Mention

Chloe LaPierre- Scholar Athlete


Girls Soccer

Izzy Newbury- 1st team

Kate Carleson- 1st team and Scholar Athlete

Cassie Carleson- 1st team

Lindsey Price- 1st team

Madison Pearson- 1st team

Rhianna Bourque- Sportsmanship


Boys Soccer

Jalen Arriaga- 1st team

John Digiacomo- 1st team

Tyler Fadden- 1st team

Matt Bamber- Scholar Athlete

Jaden Gamboa- Sportmanship

The winners of the 2019 PHS Cooking Contest are:

Third Place         Brady Oberg                    Apple Crisp Cookie Cups

Second Place      Josh Cloutier                      Jack-O-Lantern Apple Bunt Cake

Grand Prize         Morgan Nessing               Stuffed Mushrooms



To help Plainfield High School students have all of their needs for school, events and everyday life, PHS FBLA is opening another school store called the Panther Hideout. The Panther Hideout will be a free thrift store for students! What might be in this hideout?

Students will find things such as school supplies, health/beauty products, sports gear, jewelry and clothing. For clothing, we will be offering clothing for everything from everyday clothes to clothes for events such as prom and dressing for success for an interview.

 In order to make this a success we need the help of our staff and residents! Please take a look in your closets and see if you have any items that you can donate to help our students. The clothes from 5 years ago that you thought you would fit into one day? Send them in! That shirt you wore once and didn’t like how it fit? Send it in! We just ask that all items be in good condition with no stains and are clean. Please bring/send donations to Plainfield High School c/o Mrs. LaRoche. Attached is a list of what items we will be accepting.  The Panther Hideout will be open for students this January.

 Any help that you can give our students is greatly appreciated!
Mrs. LaRoche and the FBLA students
Future Business Leaders of America



What's Happening

Yamaha cup
Panther Marching Band wins Yamaha cup!
Panther Marching Band wins Yamaha cup! ...
Irons running
Plainfield Boys cross country capture ECC division title!
Plainfield Boys cross country capture ECC division title! ...
Tune in to The Panther Podcast!
Tune in to The Panther Podcast! ...

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