Job Shadowing

If you have any questions or would like to become involved in our Job Shadowing Program, please contact:

Terry Liebel or 860-564-6422 ext. 1125

Plainfield High School Job Shadow Program 

Job shadowing offers students the opportunity to connect with a professional or business in the community and experience the "real world" culture of the workplace. Through job shadowing students consider a range of jobs and begin to connect what they are learning in high school with their individual career objectives. By allowing students to observe and learn from adults on the job, students see first-hand the skills, knowledge, and the training or education required to succeed in a profession and the working world as a whole. Job shadowing provides students with the resources to make informed and meaningful career decisions. Preparing students for the ever changing and demanding challenges of the workforce, fostering a partnership between our school and business, and accessing the community as a learning resource are goals of our job shadowing program.

What is a job shadow?

  • One day only, typically 3-6 hours in length
  • Student observes the daily routine of an adult; asking questions about the job and business or industry
  • The opportunity of observe what happens in the working world
  • To experience what it is like to work in a certain occupation
  • To understand the skills needed to become a good employee
  • To meet and talk to professionals in the community
  • To make the connection between high school learning and employment

The goals of a job shadow.

  • To increase career awareness through "real word" career experiences and exploration
  • To observe the average daily routine of a professional
  • To become aware of the academic, technical, and personal skills necessary for a specific job
  • To sharpen communication skills while interacting with professionals outside of school
  • To learn about different work environments
  • To recognize the connection between school, work, and personal career goals
  • To implement a plan to succeed in the working world after high school

Insurance and liability.

Off school premises student non-paid learning activities are considered to be an extension of school and are protected by the school district's liability policies. While on a job shadow, a student is covered first by his or her parent's insurance and secondly by the school's policy. The student is required to provide transportation to and from the job shadow site; liability rests with the student or parent/guardian. Property damage at the shadow site is covered by the parent's homeowner's policy followed by the business' policy.  

Businesses are encouraged to check with their own insurer to discuss any liability concerns they may have. The student and parent/guardian sign a liability waiver releasing the Plainfield Public School District, its employees and administrators, and the owners and employees of the businesses, organizations, and agencies that participate in the job shadowing program from any and all liability, claims, losses or damages, including physical, monetary, or property damage, associated with participating in the job shadowing program prior to attending the Job Shadow.

Student Liability Form

What is a Job Shadow