Choral Music

PHS Choral Music

Course Offerings

Concert Choir

Open to all freshmen and new students to the choral program. Class will focus on beginning choral ensemble skills such as section unison, balance, and blend. Students will focus on independent vocal skills, working towards solo performances on repertoire from the 24 Italian Songs and Arias book. They will also work on varied repertoire in choral literature to expand their musical horizons while learning new musical skills and techniques. This ensemble will perform in at least 2 concerts per school year.


Prerequisite -Concert Choir

This ensemble will focus on higher level skills in section balance, ensemble blend, and vocal technique. Students will continue a focus on individual vocal technique as they prepare for potential region auditions. Students will also have opportunities to perform in festivals and adjudications at various locations in the state that will showcase their abilities and talents. This ensemble will perform in at least 3 concerts per school year.

Chamber Choir

Audition Only

Prerequisite - One full year in the music program

This is the school's premier ensemble that represents PHS at various events and festivals around the Northeast. This ensemble requires students to be independent musicians as they prepare high level repertoire across various genres of music. All singers are required to audition for the Eastern Region Festival and will prepare selections from the 24 Italian Songs and Arias Book as appropriate. Singers will also have the opportunity to prepare and perform solo jazz selections with the PHS Jazz Band. This ensemble will be adjudicated every school year, and perform in a minimum of 6 concerts throughout the school year, as well as many additional community performances.