Activity calendar

* Homecoming - every fall, all four years
** Fr/So Spring Fling - early May (guests permitted and separate ticket cost) 
*** Senior Class Trip - covered completely by activity fees 
**** Jr/Sr Prom - early June 2nd (guests permitted and separate ticket cost) 


The PHS Student Activity fee is $200 over 4 years.  Fees collected are used to help cover the cost of school related events and activities, such as homecoming, prom,  class trip, class gift, and the spring fling.  Therefore, to attend any event, students must pay student activity fees according to the schedule below. 

Class of 2026 and beyond (or any student who transfers to PHS) 
Grade 9 - $25
Grade 10 - $25 
Grade 11 - $50 
Grade 12 - $100 

Class of 2025
$50 to attend homecoming if Grade 9 activity fees were not paid and then students will owe $50 for Grade 11 and $100 for Grade 12.  

Class of 2024
Minimum $100 (This would include activity fees previously paid)
$50 to attend homecoming, $50 to attend prom and then $100 would be owed for Grade 12.