Principals Newsletter

August 2019

Dear Students and Parents:

I hope that the summer has provided you an opportunity to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. In just a few weeks we begin the 2019-2020 school year and I am looking forward to serving as your Principal, and a year filled with student achievement and involvement in school activities.

I want to welcome all of our new students, parents, faculty and staff to the Plainfield High School community and encourage all of our students to get involved in academic and extracurricular activities.  The expectation of each administrator and teacher in the building is that students will work diligently to do their best in each of their classes.  In order to support that academic effort, there will be tutoring and late busses available Tuesday & Thursdays, beginning Tuesday, September 11th.  Students must sign up for late busses in the Attendance Office.

Please take a moment to review the following information as it is important for the opening of the school year:

  • The first day of school Wednesday, August 28, 2019, is a Half day for Freshmen and New Students.There will be special orientation activities planned for the day including receipt of Handbooks and additional Information Packets.Students will also have time for locker identification and practice. 
  • The student start times have been adjusted by 5 minutes this year to better accommodate the transportation schedule. The new instructional day schedule for students is 7:15 – 1:45.
  • Thursday, August 29, 2019, is a Full day of school for All students.Grades 10-12 will receive Handbooks and Information Packets.
  • PHS school pictures and Id’s are taken on Friday, August 30, 2019.The photo information for freshman, sophomores and juniors is enclosed. Students must have the order form and payment when pictures are taken on Friday, August 30th.
  • Informational Packet:The students will return home on the first day with a packet of important forms that must be completed and returned. Please take time to review the Student Registration/Information Form; which is enclosed with this letter. If any of your child’s information has changed, please complete the necessary sections that require updating.Otherwise, simply fill in the signature of a parent/guardian and the student before returning it is required. The Student Handbook will be provided to each student on the first day of school. It is extremely important that these forms be returned to the block 2 teacher by Wednesday, September 4. 2019.Many of these forms are in response to State of Connecticut mandates.Please look for them on the first day of school.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed for general use during the school day (7:15-1:45). Students must keep cell phones and other electronic devices put away unless directed by the teacher to be used for instructional purposes. Earbuds and headphones are not to be used during the school day, unless directed by the teacher for instructional purposes. Parents who need to contact their child during the day are asked to call the school at 860-564-6422. Students who need to contact a parent/guardian may use the Main Office or Attendance Office phone. 
  • Discipline responsibilities of the assistant principals are:
  •  Mrs. Kelleher - grades 9, 11         Dr. Bitgood - grades 10, 12 
  • Review the contents of the Student Handbook and be aware of school policy and procedures and student expectations.
  • Please take a moment to discuss the Plainfield High School dress code with your child. Tank tops, string tops, sleeveless shirts and short shorts are NOT appropriate school clothing.Please remember that we will call home asking you to bring a change of clothes for students who are inappropriately dressed. 
  • I want to remind students that attending school everyday is vitally important to your success. To support that effort, the Plainfield Board of Education has implemented a new attendance policy at PHS students in which UN-AUTHORIZED absences may result in a 1-point grade reduction to classes/courses missed. Unexcused absences are defined as when a student is absent from school without a parental note or call. Unauthorized absences are also able to be made up with after school work. 
  • Students arriving late to school or being picked up early are to use the lower level entrance and check in at the Attendance Office.

In some classes, student requests have been greater than the number of seats available. Therefore, an alternative course has been assigned. Please bring your schedule with you on the first day of school. On your schedule, you will find the following information: Guidance Counselor name, locker number and combination, and your computer user name. We strongly recommend that you keep the locker combination and password confidential. If you have any questions, you may contact the guidance department to make an appointment to meet your counselor.

I look forward to a successful school year and I hope to see all of you during the course of the year. Enjoy the remainder of your summer and thank you for your continued support of Plainfield High School.


Christopher L. Bitgood, PhD.